Idemitsu SN/CF 10W-40 S-S

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The Idemitsu SN/CF 10W-40 S-S Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil is designed to offer enhanced high-temperature protection and deposit control for pistons. This oil is engineered for stringent sludge control and seal compatibility, making it a versatile choice for all types of gasoline engines.

It boasts a wide temperature range of 5W-40, ensuring high fluidity at low temperatures for excellent cold starts, alongside great durability at high temperatures. Notably, it has a very low consumption rate and delivers excellent fuel economy, positioning it as a cost-effective option for maintaining engine health and efficiency.


Semi-SyntheticEngine Oil

  • Provides improved high temperature and deposit protection for pistons
  • Provides more stringent sludge control and seal compatibility
  • Suitable for all types of gasoline engine
  • Wide temperature range of 5W-40
    • High fluidity at low temperature and excellent cold start
    • Great durability at high temperature
  • Very low consumption rate
  • Excellent fuel economy

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1L, 4L Bottle, 200L Drum