Automotive Transmission and Differential Gear Oil
(Available in 4L Bottle, 20L Pail & 200L Drum)

  • High Viscosity Index- Less fluctuation of viscosity caused by the change of temperature assures smooth start up in low temperature and reduces loss of gear torque.
  • High Oxidation Stability- A combination of anti-oxidant and high refined base oil assures excellent oxidation stability under high temperature operating condition.
  • High Endurance Ability For Heavy Load – Extreme pressure additive prevents welding & pitting at the contacting point of gears caused by heavy load
  • Prevent Foaming – Addition of anti-foamer which can prevent foaming to be happened for smoother lubrication
  • Prevent Corrosion & Rust – Effective rust preventive agent and corrosion inhibitor prevent corrosion caused by water and acid produced through deterioration process


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