Idemitsu Hydraulic Oil 32A / 46A / 68A (Daphne)

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The Idemitsu Hydraulic Oil 32A / 46A / 68A (Daphne) is designed for advanced hydraulic systems. It features excellent heat resistance, oxidation, and thermal stability, effectively preventing sludge formation in hydraulic tanks and filters.

This oil offers an extended oil change interval, surpassing the performance of traditional zinc antiwear hydraulic fluids. It includes special anti-wear agents for superior anti-wear properties and boasts excellent demulsibility, ensuring quick water separation to prevent emulsification, thus protecting machine parts from rust and corrosion. Additionally, its low pour point enhances energy conservation by reducing power loss and warming-up time.


  • Excellent Heat Resistance, Oxidation And Thermal Stability – Prevents sludge formation in the hydraulic tank and filter.
  • Extended Oil Change – Much longer oil change interval compared with those Zinc antiwear type hydraulic fluids.
  • Excellent Anti-Wear Properties – Addition of special anti-wear agent assures excellent anti-wear properties.
  • Excellent Demulsibility – Extremely quick separation with water prevents it from emulsifying with water makes it most suitable for preventing machine parts from rust and corrosion.
  • Low Pour Point – Addition of pour point depressant reduces power loss and warming up time, ensuring energy conservation.

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1L, 4L Bottle, 200L Drum