Idemitsu 4T SL/MA 20W-50

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The Idemitsu 4T SL/MA 20W-50 Mineral Engine Oil is designed for motorcycle engines, offering excellent high thermal and oxidation stability, which is crucial for high-speed and long driving conditions. It possesses outstanding detergent-dispersant properties, ensuring the engine remains clean and sludge-free, thereby enhancing engine life.

This oil is capable of delivering exceptional performance for over 5,000Km before needing a replacement, making it a durable and efficient choice. It significantly contributes to better engine cleanliness, maintaining optimal engine health.


Mineral Engine Oil

  • Excellent high thermal & oxidation stability even at high speed & long driving conditions.
  • Outstanding detergent-dispersant properties thereby keeping engine.
  • Clean & sludge free and enhances engine life.
  • Can offer exceptional performance for over 5,000Km before needing to replace oil.
  • Better engine cleanliness.

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1L, 4L Bottle, 200L Drum