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Our vision is to be a leading black owned oil and gas investment and trading company.


To engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in energy commodities trading business.


Honesty, Integrity & Respect for people. Pride in what we do, Trust, Openness, Teamwork & professionalism 

About JB Oil

JB Oil is a subsidiary of JB Holdings. The Chairman of the Group, Roux Shabangu started trading in lubricants when he first started his business career by supplying small mining and farming towns with lubricants. He later decided to venture into property development and is currently one of the biggest property developers in South Africa. Due to the current large demand for lubricants in the country within the automotive, mining and manufacturing industry. 

Why Idemitsu

Over 100 years of experience and a leading Asian OEM supplier.

Idemitsu has a rich history of developing products alongside leading OEMs from project onset, and today is a specialist in low-viscosity, fuel-saving lubrication solutions. ILA technicians have worked closely with engineers from Asian OEMs such as Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota, as well as U.S. domestic OEMs such as GM, to meet stringent performance and protection requirements.

XTeer is a premium performance engine oil formulated with state of the art additives and fully synthetic base fluids. It provides best thermal and oxidative stability for improved oil life and deposit control as well as excellent friction reduction and seal compatibility enhancement.

XTeer is fully suitable for use in gasoline passenger car, light duty truck, diesel passenger car and LPG passenger car under all operating conditions. The wider temperature range capability of the synthetic base fluid ensures correct oil viscosity which reduces friction at start-up and provides maximum lubrication during high temperature operation in all seasons. The effective anti-wear additive system reduces wear by protecting surfaces when load causes breakdown of the lubricant film.