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Welcome to JB Oil, where the spirit of Africa converges with cutting-edge lubricant technology. Inspired by the resilience and majesty of the Baobab, our products are a testament to durability and natural efficiency. 


Empowering Progress with JB Oil

As the official distributor of Idemitsu, we bring world-class lubricants to the heart of Africa, ensuring every engine runs smoother, longer, and more efficiently. Our journey reflects a commitment to both technological advancement and sustainable practices. We offer a diverse range of products tailored to meet the dynamic needs of various industries, underpinned by a dedication to environmental responsibility and community enrichment.




JB Oil: A Visionary Partnership

JB Oil’s journey as a subsidiary of JB Holdings reflects a visionary partnership, led by the entrepreneurial spirit of Roux Shabangu. This relationship symbolises a strategic alignment of goals, focusing on expanding the lubricant market in Africa with a commitment to quality and innovation. Under Shabangu’s leadership, JB Oil leverages the strengths of JB Holdings to deliver exceptional products and services.

As the official distributor of Idemitsu products in South Africa and SADC countries, we specialise in providing a wide range of lubricants. Our product offerings cater to various sectors, including automotive, industrial, and specialty lubricants. This categorises us in the oil and lubricant distribution sector within the broader automotive and industrial supply industry.

Roux Shabangu

Chairman of JB Holdings

Understanding JB Oil Better

Whether you’re a potential customer, partner, or just curious about our operations, these FAQs offer valuable insights into the heart of JB Oil.

JB Oil specialises in the distribution and sale of high-quality lubricants. As the official distributor of Idemitsu products, we cater to various sectors including automotive and industrial, offering a wide range of lubricants and related products.

Our partnership with Idemitsu, a leader in lubricant technology, enables us to provide world-class products. We combine global expertise with a deep understanding of local needs, ensuring top-tier quality and performance in all our products.

JB Oil is committed to sustainable practices in our operations and products. We actively engage in community development, ensuring our business not only meets but also enriches the environments and communities we operate in.

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Team Members

Our team of seasoned professionals is the driving force behind JB Oil's success. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise, united by a shared mission to innovate, excel, and make a lasting impact.


Racing Day Highlights

JB Oil’s involvement in race days at Kyalami and Swartkops showcases our commitment to excellence and the competitive spirit. These events symbolise our dedication to high performance, mirroring the quality and reliability of our products. They serve as significant platforms for brand exposure, community engagement, and demonstrating our products’ effectiveness in high-intensity environments.

A prestigious event, Kyalami Race Day is renowned for its thrilling races and showcases JB Oil’s commitment to high-performance products in demanding conditions. It’s a celebration of speed, endurance, and the robustness of our lubricants. The day also serves as an ideal way to demonstrate its support for motorsports

Kyalami Race Day

Johannesburg, South Africa


Swartkops Race Day is characterized by its dynamic racing atmosphere, reflecting JB Oil’s dedication to innovation and performance. Participating in such events underscores our brand’s association with speed, efficiency, and advanced automotive technology.

Swartkops Race Day

Pretoria, South Africa


Quality and Performance in Every Drop

Discover the excellence of JB Oil's products, crafted for unmatched performance and reliability. Our range, powered by Idemitsu, includes options for various automotive and industrial applications. From fully-synthetic engine oils to specialized transmission fluids, each product embodies our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Experience the difference with JB Oil – where advanced technology meets the demands of every engine.


Building Strong Relationships

At JB Oil, we believe in building a foundation of trust and mutual respect with our partners and clients. This approach enables us to understand and meet their unique needs, ensuring a collaborative journey towards success.


Our Esteemed Partners


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